Our services

Crane House Trading has a highly skilled workforce available to repair and or refurbish your crane.

Maintenance / Service

Crane House Trading has an excellent equipped workshop available at its yard in Netherlands to repair or overhaul your crane. Our technicians provide also service on your crane at the site location.

If you need parts for your crane or other equipment, please consult Crane House Trading. We can supply parts of all manufacturers and are specialized in Caterpillar Zeppelin and Manitowoc cranes.

Worldwide Parts Supply

Commissions /
Operator Instruction

Our experienced technical staff can commission your equipment at the jobsite worldwide. We also offer crane operator instructions for contractors that rent cranes on bare rental basis.

Crane House Trading is specialist to overhaul your crane for a second live phase. Please consult Crane House Trading if you want to develop special crane attachments or a lifting solution

Overhaul / Development of special lifting equipmenmt